Rotary Classification Mela 14th September 2019

Rotary Classification Mela 14th September 2019

The Rotary Classification Mela, a scintillating morning of shared knowledge, innovative perceptions and stimulating discussion was held at the Rotary House of Friendship on 14th September 2019.

This prestigious event was inaugurated by none other than DG Rtn. Dr.Sameer Hariani, RI 3190. A jingle in Kannada depicting the Rotary Four-Way Test provided an appropriate start to the event. Presidents and Secretaries of all the 20 participating Clubs were invited to come on stage. The Secretaries collared their respective Club Presidents. Rtn. K.S. Ramdas, Director Vocational Services welcomed the gathering, following which DG Rtn. Dr. Sameer Hariani delivered his inaugural speech. He pointed out that Rotary started because of Vocational Services. There are around 125 /126 vocations, which can be channeled to connect the world. It was important for Rotarians to develop acquaintances to do good in the world. Better good will and fellowship need to be built and high ethical standards must be maintained.

This was followed by an impressive presentation by Rtn. Devesh Agarwal, President BCIC on Innovation – A tool for business development. He elaborated on how one can take recourse to innovative strategies in order to enhance business development.

The highlight of the morning was indeed The Rotary Business Café – Panel Discussion and Networking Panel Discussion on Slow-Down Economy – Challenges. The distinguished panelists who took part in the active and lively discussion were: Rtn. Devesh Agarwal, President BCIC; Rtn.Ramkumar Seshu, Co-Chairman, Assocham(South); Rtn.Dr.V.Veerappan, Mgmt Comm Member, BCIC and Industrialist and Dr. Kishore Jagirdar, Member, National Start up Council, Assocham India(New Delhi).

The Panel discussion was ably moderated by Rtn. Dr. K.V. Omprakash, Mgmt Comm Member, BCIC and Corporate Lawyer.

Kudos to the Business Development Committee, Vocational Service RI 3910 who organized the show so meticulously.

Participants and organizers alike enjoyed not only the delicious breakfast and lunch that was served at the Mela, but also great nourishment for their minds and souls that the Mela provided.